Sunday, December 11, 2011

productive Sunday

It's been a very good Sunday here. A very productive Sunday. Bunny's been busy most of the day putting in some freelance hours, and now he's hiding out studying for an exam tomorrow. However, yesterday was his birthday, and I did not make him a cake - which meant that I spent much of today making up for it.

At first I had planned on doing a cake with chocolate ganache and peanut butter filling, but out of nowhere I decided to ask him if he was into chocolate or caramel for the cake - and caramel won. Which originally was shaping up into a white cake with caramel buttercream, but then I started snooping around Smitten Kitchen looking for recipes, and caramel cake caught my eye.

I'm a little obsessed with wanting to learn some southern cooking lately. I don't often do many things that are even remotely related to southern cooking, but ideas like caramel cake sit well with me. Especially because I read The Help not too long ago, and the thought of caramel cake had really stuck with me.

So, caramel cake. I stuck pretty true to the recipe as Smitten Kitchen had it, though I did make a few substitutions and changes. I poured the glaze over a few minutes ago, and now it's sitting on the kitchen counter letting the glaze cool and harden.

I'm very, very excited about the cake we will be having shortly.

I also made Bunny's favourite pasta and squash recipe for dinner, and a dozen chocolate sugar cookies. There's another couple of dozen portions of cookie dough in the freezer, as Shane has decided we are going to do Christmas cookies to supplement our smaller than usual gift budget.

Now it is time to go eat.

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