Sunday, December 18, 2011

humour in the liquor cabinet

Let me precede this post by saying that neither Bunny nor I are big drinkers. He appreciates a good scotch or tequila (expensive scotch and tequila - remind me one day to tell you the 40 year scotch story), and enjoys having the occasional drink, or an after work beer every now and again.

I personally prefer to seek my intoxicated state through other means, but have been known to enjoy the alcohol while partying. I'm also a big fan of wine - we both are.

Our problem comes when we consider my migraines. Our wine preferences line up fairly well; we both like drier reds (Bunny's partial to the Italian reds, I am not so fussed). However, about a year and a half ago, red wines began triggering some very painful migraines. This was unfortunately discovered over a bottle of vintage Barolo that I had given to Bunny for Valentines, waste of a very good wine. Probably the best I've ever had.

So, with me not drinking reds often anymore, we don't tend to share a glass over dinner often. As neither of us is libel to polish off a bottle on our own, wines don't often get consumed except for special occasions around here. We used to have a lovely collection of reds, as began with a liquor store tradition of always picking up an extra bottle for later. Which works well on several levels: we always had a bottle on hand for a hostess gift or unanticipated birthday, and there was always a bottle of wine or two there for a "just because" occasion. Bunny's run his way through most of our collection now though.

Whites are a trickier subject, as I'm only just learning what I like in them. I do not like sweet wines, but I do like fruity wines in moderation. I'm currently discovering a streak that I enjoy in Reislings, although there are some notes in Sauvignon Blanc I don't mind (though they are very hit and miss, and I won't have those anymore without consulting a sommelier). I mostly only have wine while out right now, as I don't want to commit to a full bottle of something I don't know if I'll enjoy.

Red or white, though, what we don't often drink here is sparkling wine. Bunny professes a dislike for champagne, but I enjoy some sparkly every now and again. This fact is not reflected in our liquor cabinet right now.

Currently, our lackluster wine collection boasts a bottle of Wild Vines (huh? Must have picked that up for a cheapie girls night that never materialized), a Reisling that I don't know where we purchased, and no less than 5 varieties of sparkling wine.

We don't drink sparkles often. Yet we have five bottles? How did this happen. Well, two I know were gifts (one of which I'm very excited for - maybe New Years?), at least one was from Bunny's former place of employment (high rollers, there), one I couldn't begin to guess, and I'm pretty sure the half bottle of Henkel is from my mother, courtesy of Bunny's stocking last year.

Do I take this as a sign to get my drunk on?

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