Saturday, December 17, 2011

dinner plans

Not that three posts in a day isn't a little overkill, or anything ... but I'm thinking about dinner. Actually I am thinking about dinners as tomorrow night's dinner is equally on my mind.

I have some chopped up chicken pot pie filling dethawing in my sink from the last time I made pot pie. I don't think it's quite enough for an entire pie on its own, so I have also got a package of chicken thighs dethawing with them. Even if it's overkill, I can always do with a few extra helpings of meat in my fridge. They shape into great lunches/breakfasts for Bunny as he's a protein hound.

Plus, they'll help me with the gravy, as that has yet to be made.

Tomorrow night's dinner I'm really excited about. I'm going to do some kind of slow cooker or braised beef. Figuring out the details still, but I have some eye of round in the fridge that will serve nicely. I'm thinking of beautiful beef slow cooking with big chunks of carrot and onions, served with some barley and maybe a little bit something extra. Oh! The extra head of broccoli that's getting old in my crisper. That will do nicely.

Four days of dinners revolving around meats is a lot here, but it's got Bunny happy. I for the most part just sniff around them and mostly ignore the things.

I'm certainly enjoying all the time I get to spend with my kitchen lately.

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