Monday, November 14, 2011

and the rain rain rain came down down down

So it's been a bit of a wash of a day, but that's ok.

Bunny tried to quit smoking this weekend, and has since decided that he needs a doctor's advice and better timing. The last time he successfully quit was well planned, and the not-quite-complete but very successful at cutting back smoking attempt in August had planning behind it. So we're looking at Christmas now - which I am totally cool with. I want him to quit, but I also want him to not go crazy. I think I may run away for a few days while he quits because I've had my fill of "first day of no smoking" for the year.

As for me? I woke up around 3am feeling pretty shitty, came down for some water, and spent most of the morning in the bathroom unable to pull myself away from the toilet. At about 6am I finally called it a sick day and sent an email to my boss. If I can't get away from the toilet for twenty minutes, I definitely can't make in to the office.

After a very rough morning, I eventually woke up around 12:30, hugging a (thankfully empty) lime green mixing bowl, and proceeded to have my third shower since 3am. (Showering: what I do when I'm sick. Seriously, if I am sick I am likely to spend at least half my day in the shower.) An hour later, I encountered one of the most delightful aspects of Bunny being in school.

He comes home early. Mondays are short days for him, and he was home by 1:30-2, which was very nice. Because after that I had Lipton Chicken Soup with a croissant to dip in the broth, no effort on my part.

Today has been spent entirely half passed out on the couch between increasingly infrequent bathroom trips. Drinking tea and eating Arrowroot digestive biscuits, and the occasional Five Alive.

Not the best of days, but a decent sick day. (But man, do I ever feel guilty taking a sick day, even when I am legitimately sick. No sense of modesty, over developed guilt, that's me!)

Really for the most part I've been slowly working away on my cross stitch project. It's not perfect, but I enjoy it, and it's the first time in years I have picked up a cross stitch. I have a handful more stitches to go before I can get started on the backstitching and couching, and eventually turn it into a pillow for our puppy. (It's a picture of a dog - it's too cute to make it a dog pillow!)

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