Sunday, November 27, 2011

style spotlight: the terra cotta jacket

The first piece that I want to focus my style spotlight on is a relatively new piece. I think I picked it up mid-September or so, at the Cookstown Outlet with my mom. We had wandered in there for no particular reason, just a fun shopping outing since Bunny and I were in town.

My mom is a bit of a Danier Leather-aholic. She loves everything they sell, pretty much. Over the years she has brought home numerous purses, clutches, wallets, a few jackets, hats and a skirt from this store. More than one of mom's old Danier items currently makes its home in my closet, actually. So when we are in Cookstown, we always stop in. This time, my mom wanted to look at a red snakeskin type purse.

I got bored and started trying on jackets. (Mistake number one.) I tried on a couple of interesting ones, and then I tried on an ivory jacket that I liked the cut of, but not the colour. The same jacket came in bright orange, but I wasn't too much of a fan. I was, though, surprised how much I liked orange on me. At this point, a saleslady came by and had another jacket she thought I would like, so I let her pull me over the a rack near the back of the store and push another orange jacket on me. (Mistake number two.)

Well, uh, wow. This jacket was amazing. It fit like it was made for me, it had a great cut, and was properly seamed for the more busty among us. As soon as I tried this jacket it, I knew it was coming home with me. It was just too perfect. The hemlime was great, hitting just at the hips, but dipping low in front to give some shape. There's beautiful stitching detail along the shoulders, just enough to give some interest. Zip up slit pockets that aren't too bulky. The cuffs are great, with little zippers that can be worn folded up into a proper cuff, or zipped up and long, where they'll keep my handsies a little warmer. The collar that has just a little bit of height, but not too much. And oh, the lining.

I have a soft spot for pieces of clothing with great lining. This has beautiful orange lining in the sleeves and pockets, and the back lining is just gorgeous. This lovely oatmeal colour with a gorgeous circular, sun-type design on the inside.
This coat makes me feel fantastic every time I put it on. I wear it even when it's a little bit too chilly for just a leather jacket, because I feel that beautiful in it.
Top Three Details:
  1. The colour! I never thought I was an orange person, but I love the statement that's made with the terra cotta. Having such a colourful coat instantly brightens up the outfit.
  2. The fit. It's not really a detail, but how do you not feel amazing in a beautiful jacket that fits like it was made for you?
  3. The cuffs. I like that they are convertable (rolled back or fully extended), and I love how just rolling or unrolling the cuffs changes the whole outfit. Plus, I notice the cuffs everytime I wear it.
Honourable Mention:
  • The lining. It's not top three, only because no one but me ever sees it. But I love having this little secret, perfect part of my jacket
I tried to find a link on the Danier website, but I can't quite find it. (Maybe it's last season and sold out now?) One day, pictures will come.

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