Tuesday, November 08, 2011

feeling adventurous

So my stomach has settled down. Bunny made dinner, and it was quite simple: small steaks (cut from an eye of round roast we like from Costco), frozen veggies and smashed potatoes. For the most part, simple enough that I can stomach easily and helps settle things.

Now, I'm busy reading kitchen blogs.

Which is inspiring me to not only start the muffins I mentioned earlier, but also has me thinking about taking another shot at meringues. I have a new(ish) wisk, and it's much bigger than the baby one I repeatedly failed with. (I really need an electric mixer, and I just keep holding out thinking of how pretty the KitchenAid is, even though I completely don't have room for it and know it's not a possibility for at least five years for me). And I finally got a metal mixing bowl. (Bye bye plastic!) So I'm thinking that maybe that would help me get to those ever-elusive stiff peaks.

It drives me nuts. I get close enough that I can hold the damn bowl over my head for at least 10 second - but they are not stiff enough for a meringue.

The funny thing, with the amount of work I keep putting into fucking up meringues is that what I really want to make are macarons. Stubborn me, though, refuses to attempt a macaron until I get a decent meringue.

So maybe I'll give that a shot with the new equipment.

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