Sunday, November 27, 2011

scheduling fail

So, coming into this weekend, Bunny and I had some idea that we were double booked. I have a bridal appointment, he invited his sister to dinner, and he also made plans to go out with a group of his friends that I adore and we don't get to see often enough.

A few days ago, I asked him to double check some dates because I was getting a little confused ... and what do you know, his sister and his friends are both supposed to be happening the same night. So, I was bummed, but we decided that we can see friends any time, but his sister has never been over for dinner.

Last night, Bunny gets a text from one of his friends. "Guess who just showed up wearing a helmet". What, wait. That makes no sense. So Bunny asks a few questions, conversation ensues and all of a sudden I hear a very loud "FUCK".

We got the date wrong. :(

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