Friday, November 04, 2011


So yesterday I contacted a wedding vendor for the first time.

I know Bunny has already contacted the venue - but that one almost doesn't count. I mean, it's picking up the phone and calling a friend. That doesn't really feel like a wedding thing. And really, this is where we will go for broke - it's very important to us to love our wedding food. Food is really important to us in general.

Yesterday, though, I emailed a photographer. I must be slightly crazy, because she's from New Brunswick. But she's also APW approved, and I was informed that she would work Toronto, and so I had to at least contact her.

She's freaking awesome. Her "about me" - half of it I could have written. She seems like someone I would really enjoy spending time with, and that's important to me.

I guess another level of reality is setting in. The reality that is contacting professionals and making inquiries about booking them.

I might freak out when I put the first deposit down.

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