Tuesday, November 29, 2011

meep meep

Today's a bit of a nothing day.

Work's been strange, stress wise - halfway calm, halfway crazy undercurrents. Reality of the matter is, I know what the end result is and I just don' t like it and can't change it. So unless I'm ready to start looking for something new, it just sort of is what it is.

I've been super tired lately, and that's been cutting into my kitchen time. After the amazing dinner I cooked up on Saturday when Bunny's sister was here, I didn't do much of anything the last few days. Sunday was leftovers ... and I think I did a stir fry yesterday? That sounds right.

Today we did spinach pasta again, nothing special. But it lets Bunny eat his tomato sauce, and it used up some of the box of spinach that is begining to smell funky in the fridge. Tomorrow it goes in the trash.

What I am doing tonight, though, is making some chocolate chip cookies. Just the good old Toll House recipe, though I'm messing with the baking instructions and temperatures. I find I'm not crazy about the 7 minutes @ 375* texture, and last batch I screwed some up at a lower temperature. So the first batch of cookies is in for 12 minutes at 300* to start, and we'll see how things go from there.

Last mess up I accidentally had the oven at 275*, and after 10 minutes or so I jacked it up to 350*. I'm hoping the 300* compromise works, but I do like my cookies cooked longer at a lower temp. So we'll see how I end up being the most impressed.

Update: 12 minutes at 300* isn`t enough. Timer`s on for another 2, and we`ll go from there. But they are getting to have a bit of a properly firm top - just too unset at the moment.
15 minutes seems to do it, although with the lower temp they don`t get as golden on top ... I`m ok with that though.

I'm also going to get a couple more stitches into my current cross-stitch project ... I`m so close to done it`s crazy. Part of me wants to cop out and not go back and do the couching or backstitching, as this was just a project intended to get my mistakes out of the way and get me back into it. It`s a super cute image of a dog, that`s eventually going to go on a pillow for our dog. I`m also really interested in the next one I have - a beautiful package with this flowers on a river with a bridge to do next that I`m super excited about.

The next one also has proper aida cloth ... part of what I`m so annoyed with on this cross stitch it`s it`s just stretched cotton, and it`s not designed to be stitched the same way. It`s harder to gauge stitches on, particularly for someone with poor vision (aka me). And I really don`t think it`s going to work easily for backstitching. Ugh.

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