Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the weather is above me

This hasn't been the start of a particularly great week for me.

I had a really rough day at the office, and it did not end well. However, only so much should really be said on the internet. (It's totally nothing serious, but I still need to maintain some level of privacy.)

Then I came home and felt like utter crap. Bunny took a homework break and we snuggled for about half an hour, and then I crashed on the couch until 8 which was kind of perfect in the sense that I needed it, but I didn't get much done. And I woke up feeling crappy, which also didn't help.

Then I wake up today feeling particularly vomitty (this is normal for me - without fail I always feel about to throw up when I wake up). And almost threw up on my way home from groceries. Also, not so pleasant. My digestion is really annoying me lately. At any given time I am one of the following:
  • having uhhh "loose" bowel movements consistently
  • having massively painful indigestion after eating
    • which makes me put off eating some times
  • which is terrible because at the other end of the spectrum is me being so hungry I feel like I'm going to throw up
  • getting motion sick (me + public transit in the am is not a pretty picture - that takes me minimum half an hour to recover from in the morning)
  • either completely avoiding dairy or having my lactose intolerant self regret not avoiding dairy (pure pain)
Now, none of this would be nearly so bad if I didn't love food so much. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to be a little ill either way so I had best enjoy what I eat. It can make me a little grumpy though - particularly when I'm actively being sick.

At the moment I'm balancing a nasty wave of nausea with the thought of chocolate chip oatmeal muffins, because I can't think of the last time I made muffins.

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