Sunday, November 27, 2011

style spotlight: an introduction

My wardrobe and personal style has been a bit of a work in progress lately.

I hate all the clothes I bought for my old (retail) job. Almost every itme is boring and blah and not terribly flattering. On top of that, I've lost a fair bit of weight lately, so most things that used to fit properly (particularly pants and dresses, not as much of an issue with shirts) just really don't fit. Like this great dress I bought at Smart Set last spring, but now looks like a giant sack on me. Most of the things that I do like, or that do fit me, are slowly getting to be a little bit raggedy and sloppy and are just not making me happy.

My closet needs a pretty major overhaul. I need to purge old clothes, get new, and make sure that each piece I collect fits, is at least somewhat weather versatile, and is something that I feel amazing in.

See you in the next post!

That in mind, I'm going to start a new little feature here (for all that nobody reads this thing ... but it's not like I give out the link often) and explore some of the clothing items I have that I do love, or I used to love, and what's so great about them. I can only imagine that knowing what I currently own and love will make it easier to figure out what I look for in "great" clothes. I need to pin down my own personal style before blowing more money on it, really.

"Style Spotlight" is the new tag for when I'm exploring what I love about a particular piece of clothing that I love and feel fantastic in. Or inspiration pieces, or outfits other people where that I want to rock so hard that I need to go out and buy the pieces. You, uh, also might see some non-clothing items show up here, like some of my eyeshadow palettes that I love and that are part of my style.

Basically I want to explore what I love about fashion a little more. What sort of details and styles make my heart sing. What clothes do I want to put on every single day. Another thing that I'll work on soon, if I keep up with this, is finding a way to post pictures up here, so there's some visual refereence

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