Saturday, November 05, 2011

drunken wedding conversations

Last night Bunny and I were out with a couple of friends - just having a couple drinks (well, they had a couple drinks, I was just there for water and good friends). These are actually friends who we haven't seen in the past few weeks, and thus did not know we are engaged.

So Bunny took great delight in telling them, or rather, having me show them. It's a little bit suffocating, if super sweet, the way that all eyes suddenly become on you when someone finds out. I love how excited people get for us, and how happy people are for us ... but I don't like feeling like I am public property. Everyone wants to know everything.

Some things, though, are private. I like my personal space, I'm uncomfortable around most people. I mean, once I know someone and am really comfortable with them, I am the epitome of the term "overshare". I have no modesty, and most of my life is an open book to my friends. But these are friends through Bunny. Two of the most fun, sweetest people we know - but still. It's not like I'm the person who would pick up the phone and have solo plans with them.

For me, that makes it a little bit awkward and uncomfortable having suddenly all attention on me, and all questions directed to me.

That's not really the point, though. At the end of the night as we were waiting for our streetcar, Bunny and I were talking. I had a drunk Bunny on my hands, and a drunk Bunny is a crazy talkative Bunny. So we got on wedding topics.

First there was "why aren't Ashley and Matty on our guest list? if we have room I want to invite Ashley and Matty." Then it was followed by "she looked disappointed that we didn't immediately tell her they are invited."

Well, honey, we are having a small wedding. Because it's what we want. The unfortunate fact of that, is that a lot of people are going to be disappointed not to get inviations. Essentially, immediate family and our bridal party (and their significant others) are invited. That's actually how I think of our guests, as a de facto bridal party.

Then, there was "if we have room can we invite Ashley and Matty? and Diego and Emmanuelle?" And so on and so on. Which, in and of itself I don't mind if he wants to add a couple people to the guest list. I like his friends ... but if we have 30 people there and I only get to choose 10, I will not be so happy. Yes, most of our mutual friends are his friends ... but I have close friends I want there too, and it's important that we both be happy and loved with our guest list.

I don't want to feel left out at my own party, you know?

At the end, we decided we would talk guest list more this weekend. I can't see too much changing, really, but we need to discuss it.

PS -
As a note, please be aware that our guest list is small because that's what we want, not because of budget. I would really rather have an intimate gathering of the people who we are close with than invite half the world and be stressed out about details and making sure everyone is having a good time (because I know me, I will be - if we have a big wedding I will not enjoy myself. So I don't want a big wedding.)

We just ate half a batch of cinnamon rolls for dinner. So delicious and such a bad/amazing idea. Yeah!

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