Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the art of a recipe

Have you ever seen Michael Smith's "Chef at Home"? It pretty much describes the basic philosophy of how I cook.

I'm not crazy about recipes. Oh, I mean I use them for baking, and when I'm wanting to start a new dish. When I find a perfect recipe, I also do not argue and simply accept that trying to tinker would not do anything helpful to it.

Here's the thing though. I don't really follow the recipes. I follow the guidelines within the recipes. But I'm not afraid to change them, just on the fly or as a deliberate experiment. If a recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla, you had better bet I use a tablespoon. A cookie dough calls for cinnamon? I'm also probably going to add some nutmeg and cardamom. Barley risotto calls for cauliflower and I don't have any and Bunny really hates it? I decide that I'd love some sauted onion and pepper barley risotto.

So that's what I made today.

I have to say, I have no clue why I haven't tried to make a risotto sooner. (It might have been the fact that I was kinda crying and begging Bunny to come give me a backrub as I continued to stir for over half an hour - the bad back part is not so friendly on my kitchen time.) Because this was just delicious. It means that I need need need to get my hands on some arborio rice and beautiful mushrooms next week so I can make a traditional risotto soon.

I also roasted some chicken thighs, at Bunny's request. (Well, really puppy eyes and exclamations that risotto in itself is not a meal.) I barely touched the chicken. This risotto was ridiculous good and I have never been so happy with myself for giving something new a try.

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