Sunday, February 19, 2012

crab dip: close, but not quite right

From the archives of unposted things past, an ode to dips. I still haven't quite perfected things, but I've since made much better dips. Soon hopefully you'll get a dip recipe from me.

Sometimes, Bunny and I really kind of wimp out on having a real, nutritious dinner and just do something that's either easy, or just sounds yummy. Lately, we've been craving dips of all sorts: guacamole, hummus, artichoke & spinach dips, crab dips. To make things difficult I'm picky about the textures and ingredients in things like mayo, sour cream and yogurt .... all common dip ingredients.
What does this mean? It means it takes a lot more work for me to get a great dip recipe than most people. Should it bother me to add a quarter cup of mayo to my dip? No, but the knowledge that it's there makes me uncomfortable. It means I try to get around these ingredients with things like milk or heavy cream, which sometimes don't work as well as planned. 
This was put to the test the other night, when I made crab dip. I used a no-mayo/sour cream recipe from with some slight modifications. Bunny loved it, I thought it was ok but not quite there. Too runny (although crab dip is often runny, in my experience), not enough body to the dip. A little low on flavour, too much worstershire sauce.

What that means is you won't get a dip recipe from me yet. But I promise I will tweak until I get it really, really good. At that point, a recipe is a promise.

Best part about the dip, though? Baking it up in two of the mini-casserole dishes my grandma gave me for Christmas. Granted, Bunny ate half of mine, but still. Too cute.

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