Monday, February 20, 2012

a tale of three cardigans

So, in evaluating my style-as-it-is-now and looking at where I would like it to go I have again and again been coming up against the top piece. The jacket, blazer, cardigan, shawl - anything that goes over the shirt and changes the look of your outfit. I go shopping, and I am drawn to blazers and coats. I see so many areas in my wardrobe where a good cardigan would fit.

Lately, there have been some great toppers in my wardrobe. See the orange leather jacket or the vintage coat, or even the conductor's jacket that's part of my suit set. There have even been some that I've admitted that I need to give up (remember the oatmeal cardigan?)

There are certainly a few more jackets in my closet to be evaluated - the red leather that doesn't quite fit, the two blazers Bunny bought me when I got my first Big Girl job that are now three sizes too big, the multitude of winter coats (I have at least 5, my only excuse for this is living in the Great White North).  Today I want to focus on three cardigans I need to think about.

Cardigan One is almost a hoodie sweater. Except it's a little sweeter than that, and I'm thinking that even if it's very casual it might be a great completer piece for a casual outfit. It's fitted, short sleeved, I love the way the pockets are slit, and it just feels good. The colour is a lovely olivey-taupe, and I adore it. I feel good in this hoodie, and am thinking that it'd be really sweet with jeans, boots and a tank on a casual day out in the summer. It's a keeper. Or maybe with a casual skirt? I've got a green one this could work with, if I was dressing down.

Cardigan Two is more questionable. It was a Christmas gift a few years ago, it's a bland wishy-washy grey-and-black patter, the sleeves are too short, it's too big ...  I don't know why I'm still talking. Clearly, I'm not a fan. I don't wear it and don't feel good in it - it should go.

Cardigan Three is much the same. It's one of those drapey, open fronted cardigans - and I don't think the style works on me. Or at least not in chunky knit greens. That are several sizes too big. It was a Walmart purchase because I needed a top for that day at work. Like, twenty minutes to spare.

I guess I've answered my own question. Cardigan One stays and the others are gone.

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