Thursday, February 09, 2012

outfit for an interview

I'm rather fond of knit tunics, though I don't own many. In fact, I own precisely two: one black, one emerald green, both from the same store, and both with a beautiful, drapey "Marilyn" neckline. The black is older, and fits better; it has a bit more give to it, so it tends to conform better throughout weight fluctutions and I am in constant love with it.

The green? The fabric isn't as nice, or thick, or soft. It's a little shapeless, actually, as it happens. The neckline flops a little bit, and since I've lost weight I've found that the back tends to gape - a lot. Literally the fabric just bags out over my lower back and makes me look like I have back fat.

So, you'd think the green tunic would be out, right? No. I love tunics. I love the green. I just needed to figure out a way to make this work better. I've loved it in the past with leggings, or close fitting pants. I needed to find a way to love it again.

So. So. What to do? I also had today's interview to think of. I wasn't feeling the suit - I'd been explicitly told to go business casual, and the suit seemed to be ignoring that. So. Suit was out ... but that did not mean that the pants had to be. The pants from the suit have that lovely slim fit, staying close to the leg right through the calf. Which is, to be sure, quite the right pant silhouette to wear with the green tunic.

After that, it was really only a matter of accessorizing: the butterfly buckle belt, long black pearls that were once my mother's. Add the vintage coat, and a blue scarf and handbag and we were rocking.

Here's the deal, though. Obviously this outfit is not as powerful or professional as a suit - and I did feel that in this. It's more relaxed, but not entirely relaxed. But I felt pretty and confident, and that's what matters.

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