Friday, February 10, 2012

closet overhaul: accessory search

I woke up, I showered, I dressed. This is, as it happens, the usual order of things (more or less). I wasn't dressing fancy, but wanted to look put together. Played around in my closet with the following requirements:
  • Pants, because it's cold and I want to be warm
  • A sweater, for the same reason
  • Look super cute
I came up with: jeans and my favourite black tunic sweater. The sweater that is gorgeous and I've had for years and I adore and wear as a dress, as a sweater, with pants, with leggings. Cowl neck, long and lovely. I adore this tunic.

Problem is that a tunic and jeans is a little boring. And I didn't have much to dress it up with. I put on a nice five strand necklace I made years back. Still felt bored. Added my favourite belt, with the big butterfly buckle. Interesting, but not enough so.

My problem was quite apparent: I have three big accessory belts. All of them black. How do I use black belts to dress up a black top or dress? I need a couple of nice, colourful belts. Red, green, anything.

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