Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Reflections

So, it is the day. Yeah, you know, that one. The day that people like to make a huge fuss over and you have to give cards and love and flowers and hearts and sparkles. Wow, that sounded cynical, didn't it?

In all honesty, I could take it or leave it. Bunny doesn't do the "romance" thing too often, but when he does he does it well. So I mean, I'm not going to say no to the day. But at the same time, I am 100% certain every single day that he loves me. My day starts with Bunny telling me he loves me and doing small things to show me. Hopefully he feels like I do the same, I certainly try (but he may be better at this, admittedly). So I don't need a commercialized holiday for Bunny to treat me like a princess, because every day he does everything I need. As well, I realize that I'm very lucky that I get to say that.

As far as the romance itself goes, here's the thing: I have been single most of my life. I didn't do the serial monogamy thing prior to Bunny, and men in my life were more likely to be granted the FWB (Friends With Benefits) title than "boyfriend". So I've had a lot of single Valentine's. I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoy it much more now with Bunny. (But, as a general rule, I enjoy almost everything more with him.)

He's also given me a good track record for Valentine's.

Our first year we weren't quite a thing yet for Valentine's, but the next year I had a great surprise: he showed up at work to pick me up with a massive bouquet of lilies (my favourite), took me to dinner at Coquine (the engagement restaurant - and a favourite), and gave me a very thoughtful gift. Well, he gave me an iPod, but it was really sweet because I was always on the bus between cities visiting, and he wanted me to be able to watch movies or listen to music during the ride. (See? So sweet!)

Last year I'm actually drawing a complete blank on right now, but I know it was super cute. What the heck did we do? Why can't I remember. Hum.

This year, we have plans this weekend. We'll go to dinner at a great Italian place we like. I'm already excited about the tiramisu. I picked him up a card, and maybe I'll sneak out and try to grab a bottle of red to surprise him for the night after. Or we can get into all the champers in my cabinet.

I'm thinking that I just might make cinnamon buns today, as they're Bunny's favourite and he is constantly asking about them, or teasing me about them. I'm thinking they might be a nice surprise for him. And I would really like to do something extra special today.

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