Friday, February 03, 2012

meringue mission

You may remember how I've mentioned that on my way to learning how to make macarons, I have insisted on perfecting the meringue along the way. A good meringue is the backbone of a macaron, so I felt no sense trying any other way.

To recap: I cannot make the meringue by hand. I have not been happy with the results from the KitchenAid - possibly because it is the largest and I am generally doing only two eggs at a time. I did not have a spatula before for any folding.

Update: I now have a spatula. Well, I have had one for two weeks, actually.

Revelation: My hand mixer is ridiculous at mixing eggs whites. I used the wisk attachment for egg whites, and beaters for whipped cream (I made mousse last night) and was just agog at how easy this whole thing was. Could it be that the hand mixer is the way to beat egg whites?

So. We will have to revisit this. Meringues by hand mixer.

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