Monday, February 13, 2012

closet overhaul: outfit 3

I'm baaaaaack! Weekend up with the famjams was a smashing success, lots of fun had by all and I've got plenty of stories. I've also had a very productive day so far, and am quite happy to have dinner already in the oven (simple braise with tater and carrots) bubbling away.

Unexpectedly, I came home from Barrie with new pants. I hadn't really meant to buy jeans, and if it hadn't become a necessity I wouldn't have. You see, I am not historically a "jeans" kind of girl, as those who knew me in childhood will happily tell you. I do, however, currently keep one pair of jeans onhand. Right now, they tend to be my go to pants, but that's not saying a whole lot (as I'm a dresses girl).

My mother's dog, though, likes to eat my pants. Specifically, she likes to eat the crotches of my pants. Sunday morning I woke up to just that: pants, avec le giant hole in the crotch. So, off we went.

Full disclosure: I purchased almost the exact same pants that the dog ate, except with a trouser cut. They're great.

So, home after a weekend and with an errand to run, it seemed a great opportunity to style the pants. Long sleeves were called for, but I wanted to stay away from sweaters. So, I grabbed a problematic shirt: the neckline is too crew cut for me, and the pattern is partly animal print, part abstract. Because of the brown tones and pattern, I have trouble with matching them with pants. With the trouser jeans, they worked!

To accessorize, I added a double loop of beaded black and gold necklace I got from my mom awhile back. The vintage coat and bright green pashmina made it all street ready.

Really, I'm not sure how I feel about the outfit. It feels a little grubby, and I'm still not a big fan of the top. Maybe it's something I need to really consider. It just never makes me happy - with ANYTHING.

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