Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wedding laugh

So, we just ran into a wedding snag. A rather hilarious one at that.

The issue in question? The date. (Luckily, we have not yet locked this into stone.)

The plan, originally, was that we would get married on either the 3rd or 10th of November. We wanted a Saturday. I wanted fall, which worked with our timeline. November works well with our venue (it means we have the best chance of having Chef Lynn, which is kind of a big deal to us).

The problem? Hunting season.

Let's take a moment and examine the ways in which this is hilarious. HUNT SEASON is interfering with my wedding. I am a freaking former vegetarian. I shouldn't care that my wedding is right in the middle of prime deer shooting time, really.

Except that I'm marrying a hunter. A man who lives for deer season up north with his father. (And I call him Bunny. Hahahaha. Sad fact: he'd shoot a bunny in a heartbeat if it was in season, in the appropriate area, and he had a chance. Sadder fact: bunnies don't taste as cute as they look.) So. Deer season is not a good time to get married, if I'm being considerate of my husband-to-be and future-father-in-law.

Bunny was really sweet about it when I realized what we were doing. Something along the line of "marrying you is way more important than my hunt trip."

I don't, however, look forward to a lifetime of being alone on anniversaries (we'd simply reschedule our anniversary - this is what we do with holidays, as evidenced by the fact that we still haven't had Valentine's). And I know my father in law will give lots of loving grumbles about our poor timing.

So we have a wedding pow-wow to have this weekend. Nail this date thing now for once and for all.

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