Saturday, February 04, 2012

hunger games

Have I told you how I got sucked in? How I tried so hard to just not read this book?

I mean, it had all the Twilight type hype, and even though I gave in and read Twilight and was thoroughly entertained, I didn't really like it. I mean ok - there's a plot. But the rest of the book? Not much going for it. I had figured that the Hunger Games was going to be much the same.

Oh my lord how was I wrong. This series was utterly addictive. It had an amazing, overarching plot that broke down well. The pieces within the plot were well developed.

And the characters! The main characters were fully developed, which I often find is missing in novels (particularly YA ones). The supporting cast had a lot of holes, but it didn't become a problem given the first-person view point. The supporting cast in our lives often don't seem as rounded and complicated as they truly are.

The pacing was perfect. I kind of keep reading this .... scary, eh?

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