Sunday, February 05, 2012

quiet traditions

It's easy, of course, to fall into a scheduling rut now that I'm home all the time. Literally, all the time. Especially since I'm being a bit of a tightwad, and that eliminates a lot of things I'd love to do: yoga and pottery classes, some cooking technique workshops, a couple of night courses, more time spent at museums etc. It's not that I can't do things - but a lot of the things I would love to schedule my life up with are on the expensive side.

Which isn't to say that I'm stuck in the house. I have a million things I can do. I can volunteer, go on walks with the dog. I can find plenty of free or cheap things to do around the city. I am not stuck, by any stretch. It just sometimes feels that way.

So while some of the routines I've sort of entered into need to be broken up a bit, I'm also noticing and appreciating some of the routines that we have either deliberately set up or that have grown into traditions that I adore.

Things like Bunny making eggs and toast every weekend. Often my stomach isn't up for food around the time he wants to cook, but it's the sweetest thing ever. Other than maybe morning tea delivered in bed (yeah, I do get that. I'm spoiled).

The daily designated time Bunny and I spend with each other. Sometimes playing, sometimes napping, sometimes listening to some Barry White (wink wink). But every day we have a slot of time that's just dedicated to connecting. Sometimes its more for me, sometimes its more for him, but it's good for both of us.

Enjoying my morning latte(s). It's way better than a normal cup of coffee and it feels so indulgent. On top of which, it addresses a dairy deficiency in my diet.

Waking up to snuggles with my puppy in the morning. That is just divine. Seriously, the little pooper pants presses himself right into me and turns into a tiny little ball.

Grocery shopping together on Tuesdays. I love Tuesday grocery shops.

Then, there are traditions and routines I should spend time consciously creating. Like, uh, actually using my workout game for the Kinect a few days a week. Or even using the stepper while I watch tv in the morning. Maybe even create a chore schedule for the really annoying ones.

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