Friday, January 27, 2012

angelic demon?

Best photo booth moment at the bridal show is undecided. It's either when I tried to eat L, which is classic, and inspired Bunny to ask "are you trying to zombie her" when he saw the photos. It might, however, be the photo with us both in halos .... with the most evil expressions you've ever seen on our faces.

Bridal show? Success. I'm hoping to win lots of things, but no guarantees right? You never know, though.

Anyhow, we have a quiet weekend planned. We need to go to Costco and pick up massive piles of meat, as we are completely out of everything but pork. (I have about 3 pork roasts, and a ham. Yet we keep buying it.) So I'll pick up some chicken breasts and thighs and a nice beef roast or two to work with. We also love their frozen pizzas: the plain Kirkland Cheese Pizzas are 9.99 for a box of four, which is perfect when we add our own toppings.

It was so nice to get out of the house and just spend some time with a friend. I get a little stir crazy here some days.

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