Friday, January 13, 2012

bunny dinner day

So I'm, uh, not cooking dinner tonight. Bunny's taking over the kitchen and is trying out a new recipe from the One Pot cookbook I bought him awhile back.

We have a lot of yumminess planned in our kitchen this upcoming week: another risotto, spiced pork with curried lentils (because they were so damn good), beef stroganoff and I'm hoping for some spinach dip. Plus I've had this idea for spiced apple cupcakes with caramel topping rolling around my head lately.

But today is not my day in the kitchen, and I'm strangely not planning on spending much time in there, other than maybe to do some dishes. What I am planning on doing? Cleaning up some. Watching my needlepoint explode even more. Maybe organizing some clothes. Get some work done.

Later Bunny and I are meeting up with some of his old coworkers for drinks. Right now? I have hours of quiet fun ahead of me.

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