Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tick tock tick


Today is full of hope.
So much that today it's painful.

Today is lunch with my mother, at a favourite Chinese restaurant.
Today is appreciating the fact that I can have a decent relationship with my mother. That I had a lovely time.

Today is wearing an outfit I love.
Today is being sneakily subversive: leather skirt, pencil cut.
Today is layering and colours that contrast and look lovely.
Today is putting on old favourite boots and realizing my ankles are getting skinny. Who knew that could happen?

Today is waiting.
Today is counting down the minutes, waiting for the phone to ring.
Today is hoping that I hear the answer I want on the other end.

Today is grocery lists, and shopping.
Today is waiting for Bunny to come home. To cuddle.

Today, today is waiting, and hoping so hard I don't know how to explain.

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