Thursday, January 26, 2012

the dinner conundrum, plus temptation

Today's been a little bit slow paced, which is ok. Bunny's on a school field trip, I've sent off a few job applications, no big plans. Tomorrow night I'm meeting a friend for dinner and to go to the National Bridal Show, but today I don't really have anything planned. I just need to have the kitchen clean so Bunny can make dog food later tonight.

I'm trying to think about what I'm making for dinner, but in reality all I can think about is making this Glazed Lemon Pound Cake from Martha Stewart. It looks pretty delicious and I think that it is very soon going to wind up in our bellies here. But uh, not so dinner productive. (Especially since we had brownies for dinner the other night :S ).

So. I could make broccoli soup, but that's boring. I could make fried rice, but we've done that a lot lately. We have to use up the rest of the green beans in the fridge, and I'm thinking tonight is the night. I could pick up taco stuff and do that, but it's messy.

Peirogis? I think we might have some of those in the freezer. With green beans that would be pretty lovely. We should have enough cheese.

Dinner solved!

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