Wednesday, January 04, 2012

moments: puppycuddles

I lingered in bed longer than intended today, by about an hour. There was a bit of a chill in the air and the covers were warm and invitings. I'd already scooched into the warm spot that Bunny vacated when leaving for school and snuggled into his scent. The dog was at the foot of my bed, and created more warmth. I started to feel nauseous, and stayed in bed until the feeling began to subside. (Sidenote: have we talked about this? I hate my stomach lately.)

I brought pillows down to the living room, picked up the laptop and set myself up on the couch. Apparently puppy decided that he wanted to set himself up with me, as he climbed up onto the couch, and snuggled up to my legs. After a minute he cuddled in closer, resting his head on my calf and essentially holding me captive to his cuteness. (My morning latte was certainly delayed, entirey worth it.)

Good way to start the day? Absolutely.

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