Saturday, January 14, 2012

at the centre of the world there's a portrait of a girl

I'd be stating the obvious if I said that I love the weekends. Doesn't everyone? You see, it's not really the days, or their position in the week that I'm fond of, rather it is that stretch of time (right now spanning) from 2:30pm on Fridays until Bunny crawls out of bed Monday morning where all that are on my horizons are expanses of time spent together, quietly or otherwise.

It's the possibilities of everything that those hours could contain, and the knowledge that they tend to be fantastic. Tickle fights on the loveseat in the morning, puppy snuggles in bed, playing together with the Kinect, errands out together, the possibility of dinner at a favourite restaurant or perhaps a new and challenging recipe at home. It's Bunny attempting to feed me breakfast and playing with the dog. It's pulling out the Christmas gift chess set or going to the museum. Working on my needlepoint while he plays video games or makes dog food, cuddling up to read together.

It's also the time when I start making plans for the next week. Thinking about what's going to be on the menu, searching out and bookmarking recipes from a few different sources, starting to think about what new ingredients are exciting at the moment. Split peas? Fennel?

Today, we've got a lazy day planned, for me at least. I'll make a risotto for dinner (something fairly simple) and we'll have a movie night for which I'll try to make a baked spinach dip. Maybe we'll watch a few episodes of a favourite tv show, and Bunny will handle making dog food mix.

It's a simple day, and very quiet ... but I love it.

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