Monday, January 02, 2012


I had a lovely New Years. Very low key, fun, full of good friends.

Bunny and I actually had a quite busy day: my university roommate came into town with her fiance and parents. We trekked to the ROM (specifically to see the Mayan exhibit), went out for dinner. Then the roomie and her parents headed off to see American Idiot while myself and the menfolk came home. I napped, they played Halo.

After that, we met up with my friend, ditched the 'rents and went off with borrowed skates to do some ice skating. This part of the plan drove us nuts deciding on: initially we were going to go to Mississauga and skate there, but couldn't find a dog sitter. Then we were talking about Nathan Phillips Square ... but oi the crowds on New Years there. (I had a fit of claustrophobia there a few years back). Bunny saved the day, though, suggesting Lake Devo, which is this tiny ice rink on Ryerson's campus that was just barely populated, and perfect.

Now, I hadn't been on skates since I was maybe .... 12? Sounds right. I'd taken figure skating lessons as a child and dropped out because of poor balance and shitty ankles (thanks Mom :p). Haven't been on ice in years. So I borrowed some old skates from my roomie, Bunny borrowed her dad's old skates, and off we went. He was bloody brilliant, the rest of us tottered around with some level of trepidation and had a load of fun.

I almost fell, and then freaked out when Bunny tried to catch me. Overactive screamer, much? Surprisingly I stayed on my feet other than that. The whole time I felt a little extra wobbly on my right foot, like the blade was sneaking away from me. Taking the skate off, we realized why ... the boot and skate connection was pretty completely broken. So I stayed on my feet, even with broken skates!

After skating, we wandered around. Stopped in the Imperial Library for a couple drinks and to ring in the new year. Wandered up to a TD. Walked half an hour home, because it was as fast as waiting for a streetcar.

A lovely night, spent with lovely people, just chill, relaxed and having fun. What more can I ask for?

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