Tuesday, January 03, 2012


They will be the death of me. I am determined to get them right but just can't quite seem to get the inside to be that perfect marshmallow like fluff.

I think I'm going about them the wrong way at the moment. I've been using a cinnamon meringue recipe, which requires folding of cinnamon and cocoa into the egg whites once whipped. This is doubly troublesome as Bunny and I do not own a rubber spatula (how? why? it's ludicrous, but I'm loathe to spend money right now), and so I have been folding with a spoon. Perhaps I need to start with a more straightforward meringue than something which requires folding.

I also might be well advised to use a recipe from an author I trust than the random (and 3/4's terrible) 1001 Cookies book my aunt gave me the other year for Christmas. That will be the next try, I believe. Give me a few more weeks and Bunny is going to be sick to death of meringues.

On another note, this afternoon is going to be a little hectic: I have a meeting, and Bunny and I have to go grocery shopping. I also (rather stupidly) put off a phone call that I really should have made today, but now will have to do tomorrow. Oh well, not much to be done about that.

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