Tuesday, January 17, 2012

butternut spice

I had hoped, today, that I'd be posting a recipe for a sweet and spicy butternut squash soup I made last night. But, uhhhh .... I kinda busted it. I put too much cayenne pepper in, and then I tried to compensate with the sweet side. What we ended up with was something too spicy for me and too sweet for Bunny.

We'll try again in a couple of weeks, see how it comes. In theory, this soup is all that. Butternut squash has some sweet going on all on its own, so I figured we'd carmelize the onions to get more sweet, and give it a heavy kick of cayenne to balance that out and interest Bunny.

So, no soup recipe for you. However, I will leave you with a suggestion: roast your squash before turning it into soup. Roasting it will develop the flavours a little more than cooking it all the way through in the soup, and you'll get some of that lovely carmelization going on. Trust me, it's delicious.

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