Monday, January 09, 2012

weekend roundup

It would be fair if one were to say I spent most of my weekend baking or cooking in some manner. I'm not going to deluge you with recipes though. I didn't do anything earth shattering or ground breaking, despite Bunny's reactions. I stayed fairly close to easily set standards or recipes. But in case anyone is wondering what deliciousness I was up to:

Curried lentils that were even better for lunch yesterday than they were for dinner Saturday night. Leftover rice (so I can make fried rice tonight) abounds. These lentils? Seriously fantastic and I intend to eat many of them in the future, especially thinking that they make good lunches. I could eat these with a nice pita every day for weeks on end, and they're very filling. The version I made was pretty basic. It was inspired by a recipe on Smitten Kitchen, but other than lentils and curry seasonings they're completely a different beast.

Also from Smitten Kitchen was a Pear and Almond Tart. Ingredient for ingredient, word for word really. Well except for the addition of some vanilla and nutmeg, but that's quibbles. Bunny got quite adorably excited for this one, as apparently pear tarts are a favourite of his. Who knew?

Sunday dinner was fairly standard here. Lovely roasted pork, with a cinnamon crust and a touch of champers in the pan for moisture. That one came out glorious, to be honest. Along with that we had mashed potatoes, snap peas and a beautiful champagne & potato water gravy. Again, that pork is destined to go into a fried rice tonight.

What's crazy right now is thinking of how many new recipes I've done in the past week. I usually cook or bake every day, but new recipes have always tended towards once every week or two. Being home all the time, though, really changes things up. I can devote a couple of hours of energy to dinner. It is really so satisfying to be able to enjoy that.

Today is time for me to take another look at what's in the pantry and fridge and start thinking about what I'm making the rest of the week. I think it's time to do another fresh pasta dish again. Maybe a real fettucine alfredo? I'm not sure. There's also a bag of cornmeal in my cupboard - perhaps it's time for tackling polenta? I've got that lovely container of pearl barley that I think would go lovely as a bed for some braised beef. I'm pretty sure there's been a request for my mac and cheese as well .... maybe I'll mix some peas in? We'll see.

It's also time to take stock of what staples are missing. I threw out the last bit of ginger root the other night, so I should pick some of that up. I think I might even need garlic again as well. I'm starting to need flour again.

And now? Now I'm sitting down, having a latte and a puppy snuggling into my feet. Resumes to go out today, promises of vacuuming to be completed.

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