Sunday, January 15, 2012

cozy Sundays

I love the quiet of Sundays, as if the world is slowing down and encouraging us to be calm and gather our strength for the Monday that will follow. Sundays are almost always revolved around the house for us here. Errands get run during the week, or on Saturdays. Big plans get made for other nights. Sundays are reserved for tidying up and watching movies and snuggles on the couch. For big beautiful dinners and quiet work on crafty projects.

In my oven there is a big, bubbling pot of beef braising in broth, to be turned into beef stroganoff. There's another hour and a half before I have to think about them again. There are bowls of diced onions and garlic as well as sliced mushrooms, all prepared for me later. I have a package of eggy noddles in the cupboard that will cook up quickly enough.

I'll probably toss a bowl of frozen peas in the stroganoff, just because I don't feel right about a meal with no green in it. I'm excited though, because braising and stewing are current favourite techniques of mine.

Earlier this weekend there was risotto, and risotto cakes, and of course morning lattes. Last night there was cuddles and tostitos and spinach dip.

That's something I've been experimenting with lately, as it happens: dips. I made a crab one awhile ago that I really liked but wasn't quite right. The spinach dip last night was much closer to the mark, but it certainly didn't match the dip I have in my head (a favourite restaurant dip). I'm trying to avoid using sour cream or mayo, and used yogurt as well as cream cheese, but it may have been too tangy for me. I found another recipe online that I'm going to try later. I'll also play around with the crab dip (make it more substantial, mine was way too liquidy for my tastes).

All of this has let me use some favourite dishes in my kitchen: the dutch oven and the miniature casserole dishes. The dutch oven is actually getting so much play time in my kitchen that I'd like to get another .... well, I'd love to get a proper Le Creuset (a girl can dream, right?) one. I think next time I'm going for bigger capacity and maybe even an oval one. Also of the utmost importance: new colour. Maybe purple?

It's been a nice quiet day. A properly cozy Sunday.

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