Monday, January 30, 2012

woooo eee

So, blackout weekend from the blog, apparently. I kept meaning to post, but just didn't happen. Which, really, tends to mean it has been a great weekend. A blast was had Friday at the wedding show, and I entered to win about a million and one giveaways. So we'll see, hopefully I'll win something good. (IE, no strings attached.)

Saturday was spent in the most delightfully lazy way, cuddled up on the couch while Bunny played video games and I alternated between reading and cross stitch. Sunday a little more business got taken care of, but we didn't worry too much about things.

Today was getting back into the swing of things, and menu planning/grocery shopping. Some executive decisions were made based on consumption - bulk carrots and potatoes were on sale, and a switch of what type of milk we're buying (bags instead of litres, because we're going through the stuff right now.)

It's a kind of boring day here. But a nice one

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