Wednesday, January 18, 2012

closet overhaul: outfit 1

I make it a point to get properly dressed, in decent clothes I wouldn't be afraid to be seen in public wearing on every so called "work" day. It stops me from being a total slob and helps keep me focused. Since I don't have to go out in the cold for any longer than necessary to walk the dog, I can even do a little dressier than I used to at work.

So today, while getting dressed the other morning, I started putting away some clothes just hanging out on the chair, the floor, the stepper and I came across an item that had been the bane of my existence for awhile. This beautiful oatmeal coloured hook-and-eye cardigan.

This cardigan? So cute. Love the details, the cut. The problem is the colour. I know a lot of people do oatmeal but I can't. It washes me out like nobody's business. I look deathly in it. The result of which is that I have had the cardigan for a year but have only worn it twice. Even worse, I have felt like a schlub every time I've worn it. It's time to go. Really, I should have just listened to Bunny when he told me that the colour was terrible but I wanted to love it, so badly.

I thought I was off to a sad start in the closet. Then I decided to pull out a tunic style dress and leggings for the day, which was a good start. After that? Magic.

There's this purple (eggplant purple) jersey dress I have. A little plain, not quite enough shape to be interesting on its own. Slightly defined waist, but not clear. Midi length, which is in right now, although the higher waist and A length skirt haven't always been the best on my hips. Add a belt to it and the dress instantly perks up, but still wouldn't be dressy enough for a corporate office or as an "impress people" outfit. It's a decent dress on it's own, but a little "blah".

Suddenly, thinking how this dress just needs a little bit of something to help enhance the waistline definition and just dress it up a little bit, my eyes caught the conductor jacket. Hello!

I can't wait to wear that outfit out in public.

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